Distribution of medical disposable devices- bandages, plasters, gauze, surgical eye needles, surgical suture material, surgical instruments, infusion and transfusion sets, material for radiology and cardiology.............
Surgical absorbable and non absorbable suture material
Surgical metal instruments
Sterile single use medical devices from plastic and rubber
Material for special medical radiology and cardiology
Medical devices for private doctors
Bandages, plasters, gauze
X-Ray films and chemistry
Other medical devices

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 Welcome to Ravika  Limited Company website

    Established  since 1991 Ravika Limited Company distributes medical disposable devices to the Slovak health system market primarily for:

  • hospitals
  • clinics
  • general practitioners
  • private clinics and  health centres
  • pharmacies
  • supply points for sanitary material
  • hospices, retirement homes
  • beauty parlours.........

 Any of the items  in our large  range of goods thath you, our costumer,  can be interested in,  can be found by clicking in the   apporiate division of our  menu on the  left handside of  our web site .

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