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medical devices
Surgical suture material: Surgical suture needles:  
Chirurgický šicí materiál
absorbable ond non absorbable
  Chirurgické šicie ihly
Products from plastic and latex: Bandages: Instruments /MEDIN/:
Materiál z plastov, gumy
sterile single - use needles and syringes
sets for infusion - transfusion - dialysis
connecting tubes
examination gloves
  Sortiment obväzového materiálu
bandages - sterile - non sterile - elastic
gauze - sponges - sterile - non sterile
  Materiál kovo inštrumenty /MEDIN/
for surgery,
Incontinence products: Orthopedic devices: X-ray films /FOMA/:
Pomôcky pre ikontinenciu
underpads, briefs
  Ortopedické pômocky
wood and forearm crutches, wood canes
  Medicinálne filmy a chemikálie foma
for hand use and for automats
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